Admission of grade 12 learners with provisional or no matriculation endorsement to the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria

  • J. G. Maree Departement Opvoedkundige Sielkunde, Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, Universiteit van Pretoria
  • J. Grimbeek Departement Statistiek, Fakulteit Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe, Universiteit van Pretoria


A number of variables are taken into account when decisions are taken regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of students to univer-sities and other tertiary institutions. Recent changes in South African society have compelled tertiary institutions to think innovatively about their nature and aims. This article looks at this challenge by investigating the achievement of so-called senate discretionary students (id est, students with either provisional or no matriculation endorsement, who were given permission by the senate to enrol) in the Education Faculty at the University of Pretoria. It is clear that these students’ m scores are fairly accurate predictors of achievement at university. However, care should be taken not to exclude certain students on account of insufficient m scores. Further-more, it seems as the practice of excluding students on account of insufficient admission test scores should be viewed with extreme caution and empathy.

Original Research