Analogies between processes in physiology and engineering

  • I. S. Shaw Fakulteit Ingenieurswese, Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit


Physiology and engineering as fields of study are nowadays lectured at different university departments and even different faculties. Despite the great differences between the corresponding terminologies and methodologies, there exist very interesting and insight- provoking analogies between seemingly unrelated subjects encountered in these fields. There is also an emerging effort to develop experts that are familiar with both physiological and engineering terminologies and that are also able to apply them in a creative manner. Even people with many years of experience on the one hand in physiology, medicine, zoology and on the other hand, in electronic, control and mechanical engineering often have the need for additional knowledge in their mutual fields of endeavour . The purpose of this work is to engender an interest in this respect by pointing out especially pertinent cases of analogies.

Original Research