The development of professional character traits or soft skills of teachers through technology

  • Johanna G. Ferreira Department Curriculum and Instructional Studies, University of South Africa
Keywords: teacher training through technology, soft skills, teaching profession


The purpose of this article was to investigate the extent to which technology can be used in the training of teachers at a distance to prepare them comprehensively for their careers. Because the so called soft skills and associated character traits are part of professions such as medicine or auditing, it was necessary to determine whether teaching can even be considered a profession. However, literature confirms this and consequently teaching is regarded as a profession, requiring accompanying soft skills and character traits unique to the profession. For effective education it is necessary that these soft skills or character traits be mastered. The soft skills of the teaching profession are investigated and discussed to determine what these skills are and how they can be developed and embraced by student teachers. Finally, recommendations are proposed for the incorporation of technology to expedite the mastery of soft skills by prospective teachers through distance education.
Original Research: Technology in Academics