An analysis of some factors that influence Tswana-speaking learners’ achievement in mathematics

  • J. G. Maree Departement Kurrikulumstudies, Fakulteit Opvoedkunde, Universiteit van Pretoria, Pretoria


Inadequate achievement in mathematics is a common phenomenon, especially among black learners where the problem is becoming critical. Tswana learners in the Mafikeng region find themselves in an educational situation that does not always promote the optimal actualisation of their personal potential. An outcome of this situation is inadequate achievement in mathematics. The aim of this study has inter alia been the exploration of the inadequate achievement in mathematics of Tswana learners in the Mafikeng region by administering a Diagnostic Test and a Learner Questionnaire. The cognitive and affective facets of the Tswana learner’s achievement in mathematics were measured. A remedial strategy specifically aimed at the Tswana learner in the Mafikeng region was subsequently devised.

Original Research